AquaBells Dumbbell Exercises

With two exercise equipment options, AquaBells can offer excellent light, moderate, or extended workout programs. AquaBells dumbbells are shipped to consumers, as two complete sets. The dumbbells have eight total water chambers. Each water chamber weighs approximately four pounds, when fully filled with water. The dumbbell sets can be used with two water chambers on each bar, for a sixteen pound workout, or four water chambers on each bar, for a 32 pound workout. Water levels can be slightly reduced for a less than four pound weight per chamber. When using less water,make sure the level is the same in each chamber,for uniform balance.



There are numerous dumbbell exercises and routines than can be set-up for individual workouts. As with all workouts, plan the routine before starting your program. This will insure that all major muscle groups are included and your available workout time is maximized. All workouts, should start and end with gradual stretching (more on stretching in a future Blog). When planning each session, mix in new exercises each time. This will keep the workouts fresh, interesting and create, “muscle confusion.” Simply put, “muscle confusion,” is a training concept that is centered around variety in workouts. The body in total and major muscle groups specifically, can become familiar with a set exercise program. The rhythm of a the exercise, intensity and familiarity, can create complacency. The exercise program, become less than challenging! Adding new exercises targeting the same muscle group and varying the number of repetitions or sets are valuable ways to keep the exercise routine fresh and challenging.


Correct technique is a factor in gaining muscle strength and developing overall fitness. Incorrect technique can cause short or long term injuries and set your workout progress back, days,weeks, or even months. There are many keys to correct technique in your workout program. Listed below are some of the most important techniques to be used in dumbbell exercises.

  1. Feet always shoulder width apart,for maximum balance. Dumbbells can be heavy and the weight can pull you off balance,if you don’t start the exercise with correct placement of your feet.
  2. Knees bent. Always have your knees slightly bent. This action with your knees increases your stability and balance. Additionally, by bending your knees you gain the added benefit of engaging or tightening your Core muscles. Think of this, feet shoulder width apart and knees bent as an “athletic stance.” Your are now ready to commence with the actually activity phase of the exercise.
  3. Straight lines. When using dumbbells for various exercises, always engage the dumbbells in straight lines. For example, when lifting both dumbbells upward from your shoulders (commonly called a Shoulder Press), raise each in a straight line. Even the slightest drifting of the dumbbells forward or side to side can cause a loss of balance. If you find yourself drifting, lessen the amount of water in each chamber.
  4. Back straight. When doing upright, standing routines, always stand tall and keep your back straight. Bending over,or rocking back and forth, or side to side can cause a loss of balance. Also, this rocking motion can cause lower back injuries, if done over an extended period of time.
  5. Full extension. When doing all dumbbell related exercises, lift the weight so that arms are completely straight, or extended. Lifting the dumbbells to full extension will insure maximum effort and results. “Short arming” a movement will basically cut the effectiveness of an exercise by 50%.

As you can see, AquaBells dumbbells, offer a wide range of exercise possibilities. The images below will show a few of the Top 20 AquaBells Dumbbell Exercises. For a complete viewing of all 20 routines, refer to the AquaBells Facebook page. Of course, there are many more dumbbells exercises that can be added into your fitness program. Good luck and look for additional dumbbell exercises from AquaBells in the future.


Mike Zinn