How To Use AquaBells Ankle Weights To Improve Overall Fitness

The AquaBells product assortment, includes Dumbbell and Ankle Weight sets. There are many introductory, intermediate and advanced exercise routines that can be executed with these pieces of equipment. Todays’ Blog will focus on some key ankle weight exercise routines,for all levels of fitness enthusiasts.

Before going into the specifics of key ankle weight exercises,we need point out how to correctly prepare the AquaBells Ankle Weights. AquaBells products can be used during travel, at home, or at the workplace. When using the AquaBells products, the chambers need to filled with water. The water adds weight to each chamber. When traveling, this process is potentially done more often. When using AquaBells in home, or workplace settings, the chambers can remain filled for extended periods of time. Note, when keeping the chambers filled for extended periods of time, you may need to occasionally do small “fill-ups” of water, as needed.

How to Quickly and Efficiently Fill The AquaBells Ankle Weights:

  1. Lay the ankle weight flat at the bottom of a sink.
  2. A funnel is shipped with each dumbbell set.If you have purchased only the ankle weights, use a small funnel from your home kitchen, or add the water directly from the faucet into the water valve. Set the water stream to slightly more than a “trickle” and adjust as needed.
  3. Occasionally press down on the chamber while adding water.This will disperse the water equally in the chamber.
  4. Occasionally pull-up on the valve. This will equally disperse the water level as well.
  5. When filled with water, the weight of each ankle weight, is four pounds. Equally eliminate water from each chamber,if a lighter weight is desired.

Now you are ready to start your exercise routine. Attach each ankle weight around your ankles, with the Velcro Strap positioned in front. The Velcro Strap can allow for an adjustable, but firm enclosure.




As previously mentioned, there are many exercises you can do with AquaBells Ankle Weights. We will focus on a few key exercises to strengthen the lower body and Core. One very simple lower body routine,is pictured below. Stand parallel to a solid object,that can be used as support. Hold onto the solid object with your closest hand.Stand tall and extend your leg farthest away from the support area, out and up. Raise the leg to a point midway between the ground and your shoulder.The leg should be straight during this movement. If you are a beginner, or are feeling some discomfort, cut down on the height of the leg raise. As you gain strength and flexibility,you can try a higher extension. This exercise,can be done with each leg and will strengthen your interior leg muscles, hips and Core. Keep your Core muscles activated throughout the movement,by tightening your stomach and buttocks areas. An additional exercise using this same starting position, is to raise your outside leg forward, to a point midway between the floor and your shoulder. The leg should be straight in this movement, as well. When initially starting to use AquaBells Ankle Weights for lower body exercises, do two sets of 10 repetitions each, on both legs. As your strength and flexibility increases, additional sets and repetitions, can be added.




Your AquaBells Ankle Weights, can be also used for a variety of exercises, targeting your Core Muscles. The picture below shows a classic Core exercise, the “Bicycle Pump”Lay on your back, on a soft, but firm surface. This surface could be indoor carpet, grass, or on a yoga mat, if on a harder surface. Raise your head slightly and interlock your fingers behind your head. This position, will support your head and neck muscles. Initially, position your legs outward, together in a straight position. Bring one knee back towards your head and simultaneously bring the opposite elbow forward, lightly touching the knee at the mid point of your body. While doing this movement, engage your Core Muscles in the stomach and buttocks areas. Repeat this movement 10 times. As with the lower body movements above, two sets of ten repetitions, is a good starting point.



With all workouts, start and end with a stretching routine. When exercising the lower body pay special attention to stretching the groin, hamstring and hip areas. Good luck on your AquaBells Ankle Weight program.


Mike Zinn