Listen To Your Body

Today’s world,is a technically crowded place! We all have I Phones,I Pads and I Pods to contend with.We are literally and figuratively “plugged in constantly” Traditional written and verbal communications,are rapidly going the way of the Horse and Buggy.Now,to further capitalize on this “tech boom”,companies all over the world are designing,developing and marketing fitness devices designed to monitor our every movement and physical function.Consumers are now “pitched” not only the popular Fitbit,but an array of emerging products. Such products as Smart Belt(counts steps and measures weight) and Smart Sox(with embedded sensors and a GPS to tell runners how their feet are landing)

Don’t get me wrong! Tech can be good,BUT……. Fitness and training are very individual processes.Everyone approaches fitness and training differently.We would agree that a specific type of program that works for one person,may be totally wrong for another.

“Your body is precious.It is our vehicle for awakening.Treat it with care”-Buddha

For many people,to awaken your body,you must get into a zone.When you walk into a fitness center,start on an outside run,or simply do some exercising at home,you are getting ready for a different experience.You aren’t at work,shopping,studying,or watching TV.Your awareness and senses should be sharper.Your are beginning the process of Listening To Your Body. Basically,you can’t listen to your body if you are using some sort of device.The devices take way your focus and mask your awareness and senses.

Much has been written about the use of fitness devices,while training.Most of what has been written is  marketing and sales driven,prompting consumers to buy the newest,greatest device.This marketing and sales driven strategy is designed to influence consumers,to believe that a particular product will enhance fitness,help lose weight etc.

Endeavor Partners Research found,”more than half of US consumers who have owned a fitness device,stopped using the device within six months of receiving it” Many want and crave the newest tech gadgets.Many think the newest tech devices will offer a “quick fix” for their lack of fitness or better health.Generally,when people rely on game like incentives to motivate their behavior,the games get old and stale and the newness comes to an end.Now,money has been spent,the device has been used and if a miracle cure doesn’t happen,the individuals fitness program takes a step backward.

The natural alternative to a fitness device telling you how many steps you have walked,or the number of hours you have slept,is to Listen To Your Body.Start by following these simple steps when doing your exercise program:

At the start of the workout,relax and take a deep breath

Feel your heart beat

Align your body correctly

Use good posture.Stand tall,head up.

As you exercise,listen to how your body responds to the routines you are executing.If you feel some fatigue,off balance,or out of rhythm,stop! Take a short break and resume your program.If you can’t continue,that is OK.Note,where you stopped and try to do a little more during your next session.

Our bodies are incredibly smart,when you Listen,not plugged into a device.Feel the movements,experience the sweat and enjoy the moment.Find the type of fitness program you most enjoy.Workout because you love the experience,not because a fitness device tells you what to do.


Good Luck

Mike Zinn