Love Your Heart

As we draw to the end of February and with Valentine’s Day, in our “rearview mirror,” let’s reflect on the Month of Love. More importantly, the concept of Loving Your Body. To be very specific, Loving Your Heart.

Heart To Heart Facts.

Did You Know?

  • The heart beats 100,000 times per day.
  • The heart sends 2,000 gallons of blood through your body daily.
  • The heart is no bigger than your fist, yet is the hardest working muscle in your body.
  • The heart never rests!

In 2016, love your heart. Get your heart working. Here are some helpful hints

1. Eat better. Have a well balanced diet, rich in Heart Healthy Foods. Here are some key foods to add to your daily/weekly diet:

  • Eat Fresh fruits and vegetables,in a variety of colors.
  • Eat whole grains,beans and nuts.
  • Eat fresh fish,that contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.Such fish as Salmon,Mackerel and Sardines. These are key heart healthy fish options.
  • Eat Oatmeal, which is high in soluble fiber and can lower cholesterol.
  • Eat blueberries,which can decrease blood pressure.
  • Eat soy products, such as tofu and soy milk.

2. Do more aerobic based activities. Take a run or walk. Put in time on the treadmill or elliptical machines. Even simple habits, such as using the stairs, instead of an elevator, have a positive effect on your Heart Health.

AquaBells offers a wide range of aerobic based exercises, using the AquaBells Ankle Weights. A few examples are listed below:

  • Standing Single Leg Side Extension Lift: standing with back straight and feet shoulder width apart,raise one leg out to the side as high as comfortable,while maintaining balance. Do 15-20 reps, rest 30 seconds and repeat. Do 3 sets each leg, using the AquaBells Ankle Weights.


  • Lay on back, two leg Bicycle Motion: While on back, alternate legs in a bicycle pumping motion. Use your AquaBells Ankle Weights on each ankle. Execute 20-30 alternate leg bicycle pumps, rest 30 seconds and repeat. Do three sets of this exercise.


  • Standing Scissor Motion: Put both hands on the back of a chair. Swing one leg across your body in a scissors motion. Do 15-20 reps, rest 30 seconds and repeat. Do three sets of this exercise, with both legs. Another ideal, AquaBells Ankle Weight exercise.

Think about your heart health,while at your place of work. If you work at a desk for long periods of time, there a number of Heart Healthy fitness breaks everyone can do. Get-up periodically and take a short walk. Stand behind your chair and do a series of knee bends. This will activate your heart and stretch your legs.

Last, but not least. To gain optimal heart health, don’t smoke!

Use February as a springboard to better Heart Health in 2016 and beyond. Love Your Heart.


Mike Zinn