New Years Fitness Resolutions


For many years, people all over the world have used the last few days of December, to formulate their New Years Resolutions. Resolutions can vary from weight loss,to continued education and everything in between. Most people pick “Big Changes.” These “Big Changes” typically revolve around remaking your body, your career, your LIFE!

Whatever your New Years Resolution is for 2016, take the remaining days of 2015 to carefully layout your plan for success. With all of the planning,success and setbacks will happen. Remember, through all of these challenges, the most important resolution is, to have fun! Make your “Resolution Journey” enjoyable and fun. Make your Resolution something you look forward to, everyday.



To find some great, in depth fitness pointers for January, refer to the below ‘Tip of The Month,” from our good friends at Get Fit Forever. As we finish-up a most enjoyable year for AquaBells, we would like to thank all of you who have followed our Blog and supported AquaBells! Keep visiting our Blog, website and social media sites. Good luck with your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.

January Tip of the Month

Get Fit Forever

January is the symbolic start to every new year. A new year, full of promise, opportunities and challenges. January is also the month of New Year’s Resolutions. New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to focus on

yourself, your goals, dreams and aspirations. However, just thinking about New Years Resolutions’ is not quite enough. Depending on which study you ready,only about 8% of Americans achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Weigh this against more than 40% of all Americans who make resolutions.


The first step in the resolution process is determining what you want to accomplish in the coming year. Write the resolution down and post it in areas that are easily accessible. Have it posted on a mirror, refrigerator, or anywhere you can see on a daily basis.


Health related resolutions are very popular, and rightly so. Everyone wants to be healthier, more fit and have more energy! Look to health related relationships as you plan for 2016. Listed below, are some helpful tips for choosing, defining and achieving your 2015 resolutions.

  1. Make your resolutions simple;
  2. Make your resolutions specific. A resolution, such as “losing weight” is too general. A specific goal is needed. A good example would be to lose 25 pounds in 2015. The weight loss goal, could be then divided into mini resolutions. That could then be a manageable goal of losing 2 ½ pounds per month;
  3. Have a “resolution buddy.” Pick a buddy who you are close to and you feel comfortable reporting your progress to. This should be someone who will challenge you and help you over various “roadblocks” you may encounter;
  4. Choose a food that you know is unhealthy, but that you crave. Your resolution could be to eliminate that one food and replace it with a healthy item.

In the end, make your New Year’s Resolution fun! Strive to pick up a resolution that can be achievable, open up new horizons, lead to new friendships, job opportunities and spiritual involvements.


Good luck in 2016.

Mike Zinn