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Since 2003, AquaBells has been the leader in travel exercise equipment. AquaBells offers portable, collapsible travel dumbbells and ankle weights,that are ideal for all types of travel. Both pieces of equipment are extremely light weight! The dumbbells are only 24 ounces when collapsed. The ankle weights are only 8 ounces when collapsed.

AquaBells can be considered a “Portable Gym.” Both pieces of equipment can fit into travel luggage, backpacks ,large purses and briefcases. In addition to being light weight, both items easily fit into a plastic carrying case. The dumbbells are shipped in this plastic carrying case, that measures 14 inches x 10 inches x 4 inches.

Upon arriving at your destination, AquaBells are easy to assemble and use. If running water is accessible, your water chambers can be quickly filled and you are ready to workout! It takes approximately 3 minutes to fill one dumbbell water chamber. Once filled the dumbbell can be easily stored in your hotel room, rental home, boat etc. To fill one ankle weight water chamber, takes approximately 2 minutes.

For hotel travel, we recognize that locations offer workout facilities for their guests. Depending on the hotel, these amenities can vary greatly. Many facilities are crowded during peak use hours and some are not maintained well. AquaBells offers busy business travelers and vacationers,a quick easy solution to maintaining their fitness levels, while away from home.

Where else can you use AquaBells? Is vacation travel to a rental home,or condo, in your plans? Bring AquaBells and keep your fitness program at a consistent level, while having a fun and relaxed holiday.


The great advantage of AquaBells,is their multi use functions. Not only are AquaBells a great travel exercise option, but they can be used year round in other locations.

For people who do not have access to a fitness club,AquaBells can be used in the home. Once the initial water chambers are filled, only occasional maintenance is needed to maintain the correct weight. With either the 8 pound, or 16 pound configuration of the dumbbell set, an excellent home workout can be designed. With each set of AquaBells dumbbells and ankle weights shipped,a sheet of sample exercises is included. Also,by visiting the AquaBells Facebook page you can view the Top 20 Dumbbell Exercises section. We update exercises and workouts on a regular basis.


In home use of AquaBells is not only applicable for general workouts,but can be used specifically for senior fitness,or folks going thru injury or illness rehabilitation. AquaBells are soft sided and safe and help to minimize injuries to all users.

AquaBells can also act as a perfect compliment to pool workouts. Due to their water proof and soft sided construction, AquaBells can used for specific water related exercises. When using AquaBells in the water, initially remove some the water, equally from each chamber. This will allow you to maintain posture and balance,until you become familiar with the weight of the equipment. Additionally,water can be removed from the chambers and replaced with air. Blow into the valve, until the chamber is filled. This will offer a light weight, but good resistance option, when used under water.

We appreciate you visiting the new AquaBells Blog. We strive to offer excellent content, specific to AquaBells and for general health and fitness, as well.

Mike Zinn