One of the most important brand themes for 2016, that will continue for 2017 is innovation. Recently I read an interesting article in the Los Angeles Times newspaper, regarding Balsam Hill. Balsam Hill is located in Redwood City, California and is led by Founder/CEO, Thomas Harman. Balsam Hill's corporate mission is produce innovative, high quality artificial Christmas Trees and holiday accessories. Balsam Hill's business model revolves around taking a long standing classic product (the traditional "live" Christmas Tree) and through continued innovation, make that product better. Basically, "building a better mousetrap."

2017, is the year of innovation at AquaBells as well. Original AquaBells founder Scott Silverman took the classic fitness dumbbell and innovated with a water filled dumbbell. Now under the stewardship of Get Fit Forever LLC, AquaBells has developed a "Mini " version of the original water filled dumbbell. AquaBells Minis have been added to our family of travel and home exercise products and is now available at

What is your "better mousetrap" for 2017? Here is to saluting Balsam Hill, AquaBells and all innovators. 

Good Luck!

Mike Zinn